DIY Jewlery Box

Quick and Easy DIY Jewlery Box

To Make Jewelry Boxes With The Whole Family Can Be A Lot Of Fun

Jewelry boxes may seem like a task that adults do out of necessity, but they can actually be a lot of fun for the entire family! In this article, we will show you how to make jewelry boxes with your children. They will learn, and you will have an opportunity to spend some time with them doing something constructive.

This can be difficult with teenagers because of their propensity to physically and mentally disengage. To encourage people to participate, we may offer them ideas like putting images of their loved ones on the jewelry box, or current rock stars. Otherwise, a suggestion in the jewelry box for their next birthday can work. When it comes to crafting family projects, it seems like preschoolers are more attentive than teenagers, but it’s still a time that everyone will remember for years to come.

Materials Needed

Wooden Boards: Approximately 20″ x 10″ x 2 1/2″, or any size you wish.

Board-Cut Paints: One color of your choice. We chose white, but you can use almost any color.


Toothpicks and needle-nose pliers to hold the boards securely during painting.

Matte Paper (Optional): To line the inside of the boxes with. You can do this in a variety of colors, depending on your individual preference.

Tin Snips: To cut out the holes for the jewelry. You can also use a ruler and a utility knife to do this if you don’t want to purchase tin snips.

Small Picture Frame Hinges and Screws: To secure the box’s two sides together. Make sure you get screws that are long enough to go through both boards!

Masking Tape: To tape on the side of each board to give them a smooth finish and to help prevent paint stains.

Tin Foil: To wrap around the jewelry to make it easier to store.

Paintbrushes: To paint with, as well as for each compartment once complete.

Acrylic Paint: For the letters you want your children to inscribe on the box’s lid.

Steps to Create DIY Jewelry Boxes:

  1. Begin by cutting the wood boards to size. Use a circular saw to do this, and make sure to wear eye protection! You will need two boards that are approximately 20″ x 10″ x 2 1/2″, or any size you wish.
  2. Next, determine where you want to place the tin snips to cut out the holes for your jewelry. They should be evenly spaced and around three to four inches apart, as shown in the picture above. To do this, use a ruler and mark where you want the beginning of every hole to be. Then, draw a line between the two points to help guide you with your tin snips.
  3. Now, cut out all of the holes from one board. We’ve placed our board on top of a piece of tin foil for easier cleanup, as well as to prevent staining from paint that might spill onto it during this process. To cut out the holes, simply place the tin snips on one of your marks and press down. Move up to where you want the next mark to be, and then repeat the process.
  4. Once you’re finished cutting out your holes, set this board aside and move onto cutting out the holes from the second board. Move slowly so that you don’t cut too far into your other board! It’s okay to get close to it, but try not to go through it completely. Repeat the process of placing tin snips on your mark, and then cutting out the tin to make a hole.
  5. When you’re finished making all of your holes, move on to painting! We chose to paint one side white for contrast, as well as because it will be the side where we will have our jewelry shown. Make sure to tape off the other board with masking tape so that you don’t get paint all over it!
Painting Wood Box
  1. Once your white side is done, move on to painting the other. This will make a nice contrast to avoid the tin snips from being too dark, as well as to make it really stand out!
  2. Once both sides are painted, you’re ready for the inside! Line the inside of your jewelry boxes with matte paper (we chose pink for ours!), and then paint with a second color if you wish! We also added a little more detail with some gold letters we found at Michael’s.
  3. Now you’re ready for the jewelry! Get your jewelry out, and make sure to wrap it in tin foil before storing it so that it doesn’t get damaged. Make sure to place the tin foil inside of a plastic baggie for even better protection.
  4. After you’re finished getting your jewelry all set up, you’re ready to put your DIY jewelry box together! Simply measure the wooden boards around your box’s compartments, and use a ruler to draw lines on where they should go. Use your tin snips to cut out the holes, and then use your board-cut paints to paint them white.
  5. Now you’re ready for the outside! Attach the two sides together with picture frame hinges and screws that are long enough to go through both boards!
  6. Lastly, once everything is done and you’re happy with it, attach a picture frame to the top of one of your sides using picture frame hinges and screws. You can now secure it to the other side with screws if you wish, or you can choose to add a latch instead.
  7. After you’re finished, you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful new DIY jewelry box! Display it in your room, or give it as a gift to someone special! We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to make jewelry boxes with your children, and that they enjoyed the process just as much as you did!

Is there a Way to Make A Jewelry Box for Young Children

For the younger children, the supplies can be kept to a minimum. If you don’t have a heart box or an oatmeal container, a Tupperware container or a pencil box on hand, a Q-tip box can do the trick just fine! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make these jewelry cases. A heartfelt jewelry box can be made by painting it and then decorating it with photographs of kids, glitter, dried beans, seeds, or even feathers. I’d also want to see some brilliant plastic rhinestones on there.

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If you are still wanting a wood box without all the cutting, I suggest getting a pre-made box from a craft store such as Hobby Lobby. Your youngster and you will have a great time decorating it and it will make a cherished keepsake.

Wooden Jewlery Box


The most important thing to remember is that when you make jewelry boxes, they are yours. It may be hard to tell if your little daughter will be able to put away her jewelry in the box, but it can certainly help. It will also provide a great opportunity for your child and you to bond.

The next time they need a pretty storage space for their earrings to keep them safe, they will know how much you care about her.

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